Here is a glance of some of the many platforms we do business with:

We understand that choosing a distributor is an important decision and we encourage all filmmakers to explore every option before making that crucial selection.

We are a company comprised of independent filmmakers. We have been on the side of the fence that you are on now: faced with making what you hope will be a good decision when it comes to a distributor.

We’d like to tell you why we think you should consider us as your distributor.

What makes Global Digital Releasing so different?

You invested your creative ability and time to develop your project. You raised the financing and have a completed film. As your distribution partner, let us take it from here and do our part to get your film seen by the world.

See revenue from Dollar One

We have created a “partnership” distribution model. Under our model, we offer a rev share from the first dollar earned.

Sit behind Zero Costs

We take on the financial responsibility for running the QC, delivering to platforms, and marketing the film. You just have to properly deliver us the film.

Flexibility with Territory Rights

Unless we agree otherwise, you will retain 4-Wall/Limited Theatrical Rights, Festival Rights and your DVD rights. You can assign us the U.S., North America or the whole world. You even have the choice to carve out certain countries.

Worldwide Reach

Major VOD platforms like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Tubi and many others are aggressively expanding into new countries. As we increase our ability to deliver directly onto these international platforms, it allows us to place your film worldwide, creating a massive digital footprint.

Focused on Digital Platforms (TVOD, SVOD & AVOD)

Although we do place films on traditional Cable VOD and pitch to TV networksour focus is geared towards established, new and emerging streaming sites. With a majority of consumers opting to stay home to watch movies on streaming platforms, we have positioned our model towards these platforms creating an accessible opportunity for your film to find a paying audience. 

Guaranteed Marketing

We not only guarantee marketing but with the digital age, we are able to easily create targeted paid ads on our Social Media platforms and focus on a particular country - or even a specific city - anywhere in the world.


Why would I release my film on international platforms? Won't I make more money if I sell it at the markets with a sales rep?

Maybe. We have a foreign sales partner. From time to time, we send them a film that we feel has the capactiy to perform well in the traditional sales market. 

But the truth is that most independent films don't do well. The MG's are small - sometimes nothing at all. Then there is the cost to attend the markets, the sales rep percentage, etc. and so forth. The filmmaker ends up sitting behind all of that. 

With a worldwide digital release, all of those extraneous expenses go away.